You have an academic job offer, now what? Negotiation 101

Whether you are hoping to secure your first academic job offer, are going up for tenure, or have your eye on an administrative position, it is important to negotiate your offer. Job negotiation is a sensitive matter, but it is your opportunity to ask for what you need to be a successful faculty member and researcher at your university. Preparation is a key factor in increasing your ability to successfully negotiate offers. During this webinar, presenters review important items to consider and tips for negotiations with your future Dean. Items covered in the session will be useful for all faculty levels (Assistant, Associate, and Full) and even those seeking administrative positions.

Topics include:

  • Accepting or declining an offer/Knowing the right fit
  • Salary
  • Start-up request (research needs / resources)
  • Teaching (load and release time)
  • Conference Travel
  • Moving expenses and campus visits for relocation purposes
  • Tenure expectations (including starting a position with tenure credit)
  • Securing raises
  • Administrative roles: when to serve and how to say no

This webinar was lead by Dr. Keith Elder, Dean and Professor, of the School of Public Health at Sanford University, and Dr. Leah Robinson, Associate Professor and Director of the Child Movement, Activity and Development Health Laboratory at University of Michigan.