Strategies for successful application of qualitative research methods

This webinar provides an overview of qualitative research methods with a focus on tools and strategies for applying these methods in health services and disparities research. This webinar is particularly beneficial for researchers who want to expand beyond using primarily quantitative methods to include qualitative approaches in their projects. Topics covered include the following: methodological differences in qualitative and quantitative approaches, designing a qualitative study, qualitative interviewing techniques, coding and analysis of qualitative data, analyzing racial/ethnic differences using qualitative methods and potential pitfalls for quantitative researchers utilizing qualitative methods.

Dr. Mulvaney-Day is a Senior Scientist at the Center for Multicultural Mental Health Research at the Cambridge Health Alliance and Instructor in Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School where she focuses on applying mixed methods to understand sources of health and mental health disparities. Please visit for further details on Dr. Mulvaney-Day’s work.

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