Quantitative Analysis in Health Services

How can researchers use administrative claims data, particularly from government programs like Medicare, to inform their research? Find out with this New Connections Webinar, Quantitative Analysis in Health Services, featuring researcher Dr. Vicki Fung.

Dr. Fung focused on the use of administrative claims data for health care research. The webinar explained what administrative claims data are, briefly describe examples of commonly used data sources (with a focus on Medicare claims data), the methodological advantages and disadvantages associated with these data, and opportunities for linking these data with outside data sources.

Dr. Fung leads multiple federally funded studies that examine the effects of changes in health care financing, including in Medicaid, Medicare, and for federally qualified health centers, on medical care use, outcomes, and medical spending. She also collaborates on studies that examine the post-Affordable Care Act (ACA) insurance market, the effects of value-based insurance policies, and interventions to improve care delivery and outcomes for patients with serious mental illness. Her studies bridge multiple types of data, including data from electronic health records, claims data, and patient and provider surveys, and explore approaches for maximizing the value of electronic data sources.