Translating your Research Findings for Policy and Decision Makers

Often, policymakers need to make decisions in areas where they have little knowledge. They may call on others who have expertise in a subject to provide the information necessary to make a decision. In some cases, a scholar might be asked to share their knowledge and research results with a policy maker so that they can affect a positive change in a community or demographic group. The opportunity to share research findings with policymakers can have a tremendous impact, as it can give researchers the opportunity to share their information faster than traditional methods of research findings dissemination such as conferences and publications.

During this webinar, two New Connections alums will discuss how to translate the results of your research to make it understandable for decision makers that do not have an intense academic background. While sharing their own experiences with policy makers, they will discuss how to make your research findings useable for a non-academic audience while ensuring that the high standard of academic rigor in your work is still clear. There will also be a Q&A section at the end.