TXT Me I’m Only Sleeping

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TXT Me I’m Only Sleeping

New Connections scholar Anna Adachi-Mejia, PhD (NC 2007) and researchers examined the correlations between teen sleeping patterns and cell phone usage at bedtime. Under the premise that nighttime cell phone use is a health risk, interfering with sleep onset, quality, and duration, Dr. Adachi-Mejia and colleagues surveyed participants (ages 12-20) of a New Hampshire pediatric primary care practice.

More than half of the sample reported taking their phones to bed with them (63%), and over a third reported using their phone after going to bed (37%). For those who reported taking their phone to bed, they reported a significant likelihood of disturbed sleep compared to those who did not. The researchers look forward to continuing this pilot study work, and potentially understanding correlations and causations for sleep quality in adolescents.

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