The Health Care Institution, Population Health and Black Lives

The Health Care Institution, Population Health and Black Lives

In this article, Christopher King, PhD (New Connections Network Member) discusses institutionalized racism and discrimination within health care, and how this affects Black lives. The article contains an in-depth literature review, along with a conceptual framework for a more strategic approach to population health improvement within the context of Black lives.

The literature review highlights the disparities within the healthcare system, including the health effects of structural racism, implicit biases in healthcare providers, and the social determinants of health that disproportionately affect the health of African Americans.

The framework outlines internal and external strategies and outcomes to promote equity in health care. The two goals are to “improve the patient experience, decrease medical costs, and reduce or eliminate racial disparities within healthcare settings” and to “improve the social, political, economic, and environmental conditions of historically marginalized communities of color.”

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