Qualitative Analysis in Health Services

This webinar will provide a practical guide for using thematic qualitative analysis in health services. This webinar will be particularly be beneficial for researchers who want to use mixed methods approach in their research and include qualitative analysis in their projects. Topics to be covered include the following: short introduction to the philosophical roots to qualitative research approach, designing a qualitative study and study sample, practical guide for conducting thematic analysis and potential concerns around reliability and validity of conducting thematic analysis.

Dr. Ora Nakash is a Senior Scientist at the Disparities Research Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital and an Associate Professor at the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya, Israel.  In her research, she utilizes a mixed methods approach to generate innovative research to decrease mental health service disparities with the goal of improving the access, equity and quality of care for disadvantaged and minority populations. Dr. Nakash served as Associate Dean at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC), where she developed a novice Graduate Program in Clinical Psychology and assisted in the development and institution of a community mental health clinic for underserved populations within the School of Psychology. She also directed the Center for Cross Cultural Clinical Research where she promoted innovative work focusing on the effects of social and cultural factors on mental health.  Dr. Nakash has published over 60 papers in peer reviewed journals and was a recipient of research funding from multiple agencies including, the European Union, The Israel-US Binational Science Foundation and The Israel National Institute for Health Policy Research.   As a Senior Scientist at the Disparities Research Unit at MGH, she has worked on an evidence-based intervention to promote shared decision making for minority and low income patients, and is working to expand and adapt targeted interventions beyond behavioral health and into primary care.