New Connections Symposium: From Research to Action

The New Connections Symposium is a cornerstone opportunity for professional development, learning, and networking. Through this convening, scholars are offered practical, meaningful ways to enrich their professional and research skills to advance their scholarship and build their careers. Investigators are provided ample space to learn from senior faculty, researchers, community leaders, and fellow colleagues — enabling them to build relationships and establish opportunities for collaboration.

During the New Connections Symposium, held on February 1, 2018 at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA, participants (New Connections network members, and current and past grantees) learned how they can translate their research into broader impact in the communities they are studying and the fields in which they specialize. Through interactive sessions with scholars from Drexel University—the host institution for the Symposium—as well as with New Connections network members who have moved their research into action, an experienced communications professional, and each other, participants explored how to draw from their research to design a cogent, compelling story about their work that can resonate with key audiences.

View or download the 2018 Symposium Issue Brief for a detailed discussion on going beyond the journal.