How to effectively develop and manage a productive research lab

This webinar is designed to discuss all of the things you need to know about developing and managing a productive research lab but were never taught in grad school and people rarely talk about.  We discuss knowing your own working style, hiring and managing staff, working with students (using internships, independent studies, and practicums to your benefit), managing multiple projects, managing grant funded studies with budgets and timelines, delegating tasks, and engaging communities in your work.

In this webinar, Dr. Melody Goodman shares what she learned while building a highly productive research lab in a fast-paced soft-money research intensive environment. Her research lab consists of 4 full time masters and PhD level staff, 3 part-time graduate research assistants, and several students completing practicums and internships. Her previous experience as a financial analyst for a top tier Investment Bank on Wall Street at the height of the .com boom provides her with an amalgam of skills that has translated into the development of a revenue generating research lab.

This webinar is targeted to junior scholars starting to develop research labs or those struggling to manage research teams effectively and efficiently.