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Thema Bryant-Davis
Thema Bryant-Davis




Associate Professor of Psychology
Pepperdine University

Professional Bio

Dr. Thema Bryant-Davis is an Associate Professor of Psychology at the Pepperdine University Graduate School of Education and Psychology. Dr. Bryant-Davis is the President-Elect for the Society for the Psychology of Women. She is also Director of the Culture and Trauma Research Lab at Pepperdine University. Dr. Bryant-Davis, a graduate of Duke University, is also a former American Psychological Association representative to the United Nations, where she advocated for mental health rights globally. She is author of the book Thriving in the wake of trauma: A multicultural guide.

Project Description

Using the Fragile Families and Child Well-Being Survey data, this study examines factors associated with the physical and verbal partner abuse of African-American mothers. The study explores relationships both at the time of birth and one year later. Recognizing the negative consequences of intimate-partner abuse on mothers and their children, this study seeks to broaden our understanding of the experiences of African-American mothers.

My New Connections Experience

I applied for New Connections to contribute to the body of research on African American trauma survivors. I also was drawn to the New Connections model for mentorship and training. Being a part of New Connections has given me greater standing as a contributor of scholarship in my area of study. It has also provided me an invaluable network of mentors and colleagues.

Research Interests

Prevention and intervention of trauma and the consequences of trauma for diverse populations; the cultural context of trauma recovery; the influence of gender, race, ethnicity, and spirituality; international psychology.

The Details
  • New Connections Status: Junior Investigator
  • Award Year: 2007
  • RWJF Team/Portfolio: Vulnerable Populations
  • Project Name: The Influence of Social Factors on African-American Women’s Experiences of Domestic Violence

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