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Jacqueline Pezzulo
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Evaluation Specialists 
Questar III, Board of Cooperative Educational Services 

Professional Bio

Jacqueline Pezzulo, PsyD is an Evaluation Specialist in the Office of School Improvement for Questar III, Board of Cooperative Educational Services. She is certified school psychologist and New York State licensed psychologist. Currently, Dr. Pezzulo assesses school culture/climate in schools, and evaluates educational initiatives, services, and programs for the BOCES and the 23 component school district it serves, including the Puerto Rican/Hispanic Youth Leadership Institute and the Bilingual Education Technical Assistance Center. Prior to coming to Questar III, Dr. Pezzulo was a Research Scientist for NYS Office of Mental Health where she was Co-Investigator on multiple initiatives to scale-up the use of evidence-based practices within local facilities and school-based mental health programs in partnership with Columbia University Center for the Advancement of Children’s Mental Health (CACMH).

Project Description

The project using a comprehensive implementation framework as a process evaluation tool to examine how Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) is adapted and implemented in special education settings. The research seeks to examine implementation drivers to assess TCI fidelity and effectiveness; and test the utility of the framework for program improvement. The research questions seek to answer: (1) What is the relationship between adoption, adaption, and adherence to TCI practices in non-residential settings; and (2) What is the relationship between each implementation driver and the reduction of crisis incidents in non-residential settings? The National Implementation Research Network framework will be used as the conceptual model. Among mixed methods employed, multivariate regression will be used to examine relationships between assessed implementation drivers and TCI outcomes.

My New Connections Experience

New Connections is advocacy in action: It brings together diverse scholars with shared interests in public health and wellness and then provides them with opportunities to build upon those shared interests through collaboration, mentoring, and professional development. New Connections promotes persistence to do the hard work in the social sciences by reducing the isolation of African American, Latino, Native American and other scholars from under represented populations. We all benefit from the opportunities New Connections provides.

Being a part of New Connections fortifies my personal and professional resolve to improve the mental health and educational outcomes of children and adolescents who come from impoverished backgrounds or historically have been underserved. New Connections provides a way for me to tap a network of scholars who share my interest in serving our most vulnerable communities with promising and evidence-based practices. Staff in child and family serving organizations can learn to evaluate their policies, practices, and assess the effectiveness and impact of their work. I wish to develop the resource capacity of systems to monitor whether they are doing what they intend, whether what they are doing is done well, and whether what they do makes a difference in lives of young people and their families.

Research Interests

Mental health service delivery; PK-12 service models for students with severe emotional and behavioral disorders; School culture/climate and non-academic factors that influence student academic performance and social adjustment, especially for marginalized students; Program evaluation in mental health and education

The Details
  • New Connections Status: Mid-Career Consultant
  • Award Year: 2011
  • RWJF Team/Portfolio: Vulnerable Populations
  • Project Name: Examining the effectiveness of therapeutic crisis interventions in nonresidential special-needs settings.

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