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Moving from the research question to data collection and analysis in qualitative research

In this webinar, Dr. Dharma Cortés will provide practical tips and concepts related to implementing qualitative research...

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Applying Causal Inference Methods to Improve Identification of Health and Healthcare Disparities

Counterfactual analysis is a dominant causal paradigm in recent literature in statistics. This type of analysis provides a framework for better understanding...

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Webinar Recording: Building an Evaluation of Laws and Policies

Law can be a powerful tool to drive population health improvements, but evaluation and evidence of effect is needed. With the growth of the field of public health law,...

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Webinar Recording: Strategies for Optimizing the Mentorship Process

Mentoring has been shown to be essential in ensuring successful careers for racial/ethnic minority faculty. It is particularly critical during the initial stages of...

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Webinar Recording: Translating your Research Findings for Policy and Decision Makers

Often, policymakers need to make decisions in areas where they have little knowledge. They may call on others who have expertise in a subject to provide the information...

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Webinar Recording: Productive Problems, Respectable Research Questions

In this webinar, you will learn processes that will help you be more successful in your efforts to develop the kinds of problems that produce good research studies and...

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Webinar Recording: How to effectively develop and manage a productive research lab

This webinar is designed to discuss all of the things you need to know about developing and managing a productive research lab but were never taught in grad school and...

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Eighth Annual Symposium Video: A Critical Moment in Academia

The 2014 RWJF New Connections Annual Symposium addressed academic career concerns of historically underrepresented faculty, focusing on topics such as navigating...

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Call for Proposals – Round 9

The New Connections program has released its ninth annual Call for Proposals. This call for proposals seeks Junior Investigators and Midcareer Consultants who: have...

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Men of Color Video Series

New Connections hosted this webinar “Let’s Talk About Race, Health, and Young Men of Color” to further the discussion on the intersection of race and the health of young men of color. The conversation features two noted scholars on the issue

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