Tia Burroughs

Tia Burroughs


Tia Burroughs serves as a program manager with the New Connections program.

She is also a senior consultant with Equal Measure. Primarily, Tia assists the New Connections team with grantmaking, grants management, network services, and manages the program’s outreach and sponsorship events. Tia has a background in program evaluation, qualitative data analysis, and providing technical assistance to programs. Her evaluation work has focused on arts education, college preparatory programs, and organizational capacity building.

Before joining Equal Measure, Tia was a research associate at Branch Associates, Inc., where she worked on evaluations of social service and education programs. She contributed to these evaluations by leading qualitative data collection, developing interview protocols, and writing reports. She also managed a SharePoint Website, which disseminated technical assistance to U.S. Department of Education grantees. Tia interned and worked as a direct service provider at several Philadelphia nonprofit organizations.

Tia holds an M.S.S. in social service from Bryn Mawr College, an M.L.S.P. in law and social policy from Bryn Mawr College, and a B.A. in sociology from Bryn Mawr College.