Seth Klukoff

Seth Klukoff

Seth serves as deputy director of New Connections.

Seth assists the New Connections team by leading all aspects of the program’s communications and outreach strategy. He directs the New Connections team in setting the strategic planning for the program’s communications, including the website, blog, promotional materials, and other thought leadership initiatives. He also assists the New Connections team by creating content for education, training, and mentoring convenings. He has a background in strategic communications and public affairs, policy advocacy, social marketing, and writing. He has worked extensively with organizations in the nonprofit arena — from foundations and think tanks to advocacy groups and large research organizations — as well as in the for-profit sector.

Seth is also the senior director of communications at Equal Measure. Before joining Equal Measure, Seth served as an independent consultant, working with organizations such as MWW Group’s Public Affairs and Corporate Communications divisions, and with MWW’s national clients such as Healthways, Vitals, the Water Research Foundation, the Investment Company Institute, and the Immune Deficiency Foundation, among others. Prior to that, he was a senior consultant with Worldways Social Marketing.

Seth received an M.S.J. from Northwestern University and a B.A. in political science from the University of Michigan.

Fun Fact: Seth loves to play poker, and has an extensive political campaign memorabilia collection.